Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new President

So, it begins. Barack Obama is officially the President of the United States (POTUS). Interesting last couple of months since the election. I made a few predictions on the coming term a few posts down in "We’ve only just begun". Since then, Mr O has sounded more like his opponent than himself, making a few proposals that sound like a moderate Republican. As much as I do not want Mr Obama to be president, he is for at least four years. I want the country to do well, so he needs to succeed in recovering our economy.

A few of thoughts:

-- He is only a man, and as such has no miraculus powers. All those promises he has made? Do not be depressed if they don't happen, because many of them will not.
--God is still in control.
--We survived Carter and Clinton, if the Lord wills, we will survive Obama.
--Bush made a mess of the economy, with the help of the Congress while controlled by both parties. Perhaps it is time to either totally redo the Republican party, or work towards strengthening the Constitution or Libertarian parties.
--Write the RNC and tell them to change the rules such that independents and Democrats cannot vote in Republican primaries, thus not giving candidates like McCain the edge.
--Pray! It is a commandment of Paul in the epistles, so it is not something to forget to do.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Personal blogging dead? I doubt it.

On my usual perusal of World Magazine on line, I found an interesting post about personal blogging “going the way of the rotary dial phone.” So I followed the link to Wired.com. The premise is that writing a personal blog has become “so yesterday”, and now the fad is Facebook or Twitter. I have only gone to Facebook once in my life, and have never visited Twitter. So, here I am behind the times again, along with my email and land line phone. I actually have a cell phone, but I only use it to make and, rarely [hint to my away-from-home children], receive calls. I would rather email someone or leave a voice mail than text, as the thumbs are not made for pushing tiny buttons several times just to get one letter. Usually I don’t get the button pushed fast enough, so I get the wrong letter and have to go back and delete. Or I push too many times and have to repeat.

But I digress. I post this comment to ask my few readers (and those I invited from Worldmagblog, to tell me your thoughts on this trend. Is our society so fad based that we have to go from one form of communication to another, just so we can keep in touch? Are we so technologically bound that we cannot keep a good thing going anyway? Is the day of posting pictures of the family for all to see now going to Facebook and its kind? I have nephews who post family pictures on blogs, and I like them, as I do not have to log in every time I want to see what the latest happenings in their households are. Since I do not live in the same town, I can see how their children are doing with the click of a mouse (1960s’ technology, BTW). If I want to comment, I can use my QWERTY keyboard (1800s’ technology) and post something. And if I actually want to talk to them, or get them some message “for their ears/eyes only”, I can pick up either phone and call (19th or 20th Century technologies), or send an email (1980s) or even get out paper and pen and send a letter (B.C. “technology”), put it in an envelope, get a stamp (1800s) and send it by postman (predates Ben Franklin in the 1700s, but he was the founder of the Postal Service, you know).

Anyway, is the personal blog a thing of the past? Or will those of us who prefer this form keep it going (at least until the Internet providers make it impossible, as the phone companies have done with rotary/pulse tone phones)? Please comment (but don’t let moderation stop you, it prevents the trolls and spammers, who, according to Wired.com article, are the only ones who will read this).