Saturday, September 22, 2012

No longer children

It is a day to remember. The youngest of my children is 18 today. How time flies.  I can still remember that morning when Mrs. L woke up and said “It's time.”  I thought we had a few hours since previous births followed many hours of labor. But no, this one came quickly.  I can still hear her as a 1 year old saying “Kit-ty” when she saw one of the cats, like the one in the picture, we had at that rented farm house.  And she grew up too fast, as they all did.  I have four adult offspring.  Now I am a grandfather. How soon before those two (soon to be three) little ones are adults?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, “Child”!  May God grant you His mercy and grace as you become the woman He means you to be.

Friday, September 7, 2012

NFL names in other words

Try this little quiz while enjoying your favorite NFL team this weekend. The answers are below. Highlight the blank area to reveal them. (I found this years ago when and had to update it.)

Guess which NFL team???
  1.  Army insects                                                          17.  True Americans
  2.  American gauchos                                                  18.  View the predators
  3.  Seven squared                                                        19.  Tiny scuba gear
  4.  High church leaders                                                20.  John, Peter and Paul
  5.  Credit card users                                                    21.  Rodeo horses
  6.  Streakers are this                                                    22.  Birds trained to kill
  7.  A 747 and DC-10                                                   23.  People from a big state
  8.  Indian leaders                                                         24.  Six shooters
  9.  Hostile attackers                                                     25.  Preparing to move
10.  King of the beasts                                                   26.  Black jungle cats
11.  Thieves                                                                   27.  Luxury cars
12.  Used to be girls                                                       28.  Six rulers
13.  Sun-tanned bodies                                                   29.  They butt heads
14.  A dollar for corn                                                     30.  Bald American 
15.  Invoices                                                                  31.  Family of giants 
16.  Hot epidermis                                                          32.  Large blackbirds
BONUS- A former team: Lubricators

Answers: (highlight this area)
  1.  Giants (GI ants)         2.  Cowboys                   3.  49ers                        4.  Cardinals 
  5.  Chargers                   6.  Bears (Bares)             7.  Jets                           8.  Chiefs
  9.  Raiders                   10.  Lions                        11.  Steelers                   12.  Bengals (been gals)
13.  Browns                   14.  Buccaneers               15.  Bills                        16.  Redskins
17.  Patriots                   18.  Seahawks                 19.  Dolphins (doll fins)  20.  Saints
21.  Broncos                  22.  Falcons                     23.  Texans                   24.  Colts
25.  Preparing to move   26.  Black jungle cats       27.  Luxury cars            28.  Vikings (Roman numeral vi)
29.  Rams                      30.  Eagles                       31.  Titans                     32.  Ravens
BONUS- A former team: Oilers