Saturday, September 22, 2012

No longer children

It is a day to remember. The youngest of my children is 18 today. How time flies.  I can still remember that morning when Mrs. L woke up and said “It's time.”  I thought we had a few hours since previous births followed many hours of labor. But no, this one came quickly.  I can still hear her as a 1 year old saying “Kit-ty” when she saw one of the cats, like the one in the picture, we had at that rented farm house.  And she grew up too fast, as they all did.  I have four adult offspring.  Now I am a grandfather. How soon before those two (soon to be three) little ones are adults?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, “Child”!  May God grant you His mercy and grace as you become the woman He means you to be.

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