Friday, March 20, 2009

Two down, 46 to go

It has been two months since we inaugurated a new president. He has already proven himself a true politician in that he has broken several campaign promises. He said he would vet his appointments and not have any lobbyists. One of his first appointees was a lobbyist. He spoke against wasteful spending in government, then proceeded to sign the biggest spending bill ever, which included a lot of earmarks (if it has to be added at the last minute, it is probably wasteful). He said he would let the public see and review any spending bill for five days before signing, then signed the bill within two days of passage. I could go on, but you all know what the politicians in Washington have been up to. Unfortunately, it is not just the Democrats who are to blame, but most of them in both parties.

I am so glad this world is not my home. No matter who is in the White House, God is in control!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thoughts from a wedding

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a wedding- my daughter’s! Yes, I was the father of the bride. Many asked how I felt. I honestly cannot say for sure. It was with mixed emotions, as I knew the man she married before she did, and thought he would make a good husband for any young woman. Besides that, Daughter L left home for college four years ago, and has not been a part of the household much since then. Though we all miss having her here. She did honor my desire to see her again the weekend before the wedding so we could watch Father of the Bride.

Times sure have changed since my lovely wife and I wed 27 years ago. I suggested that she keep it simple. I guess it was much simpler than many weddings I have been to, so I will not comment on that further. That said, here are a few thoughts:

Even with a coordinator, there is some miscommunication. No one is perfect, so no wedding comes off without a glitch or two.

No matter how old children get (my daughter is 23) they still are our little girls and boys, in many ways.

Hearing all the great things people said about her during the toasts at the reception made me wonder if this really was my daughter. I thank the Lord that she turned out so wonderful. It was not my doing.

I am also thankful that her new husband is who he is, and trust that he will keep my daughter well.

Okay, now a question about a tradition: Why do we “give the bride away”? God lent her to us, she is His, not mine. So why did I say “Her mother and I do,” when asked “who gives this woman to this man?” Should I not have said “God lent her to us. So who am I to give her to a man?”

(Photo credit: Rachel Greene. Thank you!)