Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let it snow!

Well, 3rd and College is experiencing the first big snow of the season. It is beautiful to see, but I am glad I made it home. The highways were not cleared yet for the evening drive, so the going was slower. I love the snow, at least as long as I do not have to shovel it or drive very far in it, or get cold feet from wet shoes!

Snow is interesting, but sometimes here in the MidWest, it gets old. It is not a pretty sight after the snowplows come by, as the roadside snow is grey. But seeing the freshly fallen snow on the trees and fields, piled on fences and cars. What a beautiful world the Lord gave us!

Of course, one of my favorite sights is snow in the desert. Growing up in the Southern Arizona desert did not give many opportunities for snow, unless we drove up to the mountains. I only remember two or three times in my youth when there was enough snow to play in. But the beauty of the desert is more wonderful than where snow is common, as witnessed in the photo above, taken from the online version of Arizona Highways magazine.

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