Friday, August 8, 2008

Various ramblings

So, I get on here and see it has been almost a month since I last posted. Therefore, it is time to again put something here so I don’t lose my two or three readers. After all, with 13 million blogs, and only 39 million bloggers, I need to do my part to keep the few dedicated friends happy! (I remember reading those numbers somewhere, but of course my forgetful self forgot the source.)

Here then are a few ramblings on various subjects in my mind.

Have you ever noticed that the “Yard of the Week” that smaller towns have are usually the same yards year after year? At least that is my theory. It is also my theory that the yards are owned by people with a lot of extra time on their hands, or enough money to hire a gardener. I barely have time in a week to mow the lawn, let alone plant pretty flowers and shrubs. If it were not for previous owners planting peonies and irises, our yard would be nothing but grass (or should I say, various weeds and grasses that look nice when mowed). Nor do I have the money to buy all those landscaping necessities (nor time to put them in the yard). I do not begrudge those who have a green thumb and like to use it. Neither do I begrudge them the honor of having their picture in the newspaper and a sign in the yard. As Jesus said, “They have their glory in full.” (I know that is not the context of that scripture, but it fits anyway.)

I believe it is time for the newspapers to honor those of us who keep our yards free of clutter and junk cars, mow the grass when needed and don’t let it get out of hand. How about a weekly “Normal Person’s yard of the Week”?

Speaking of lawns, this summer has been a lot wetter than the last few years. Normally I do not have to mow as much this time of year, as there is usually just a few weeds growing. One recent summer, I did not have to mow from early July to the middle of August, as it was so dry even the weeds couldn’t grow. Last year I had July grass in June (almost brown with green weeds). This year I have May grass in August (thick, wet, green grass).

This week was the Missouri state-wide primary election. I live in a rural, Democratic county. There are so few Republicans, that the GOP does not even run candidates for the local offices! However, most of the voters lean conservative. That is seen in the general election, especially in a Presidential race. You drive through the countryside and see yard signs for Democrats at all levels, except for president.

On the same subject, I am glad there are only a few more months until the November election. I got tired of the Presidential race last November, with all the caucus and primary elections news. Of course, the way it has been the last few cycles, the 2012 campaign will probably start November 6th!

All for now. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by 3rd and College. At least leave me a note so I know you were here. (Since I moderate all comments, you can tell me if you do not want your note published.)

Addendum: At the request of a cousin, here are two pictures of my yard.


natureboy said...

I hope all is well. Keeping up with my blog is tough. I have great ideas to note and then forget them when I finally get in front of the computer.
On politics the latest thing I read was this author who writes all lies about Obama and says he doesn't care. The same author, J. Corsi wrote the book on Kerry "Unfit to serve."
Try this site.

Rosana said...

I was here. :D

Peter L said...

Hello natureboy. Glad you stopped by, cousin. As for the Obama book, it is an election year, and both candidates can expect to be lied about. After all, most candidates/politicains lie to get elected.

As for Obama himself, he is from the state just across the river from my house, Illinois. I remember when he was elected to the Senate. He had no real competition, so he got in in a landslide. What has he done since then (2006)? Not much. He has been running for president almost since he took the oath of office as a senator. I do not hold much hope fopr him as president. But then, I am not that crazy about McCain either.

I know that God is in total control of this world, so I am not concerned who is president as much as I used to be.

Peter L said...

And also, glad you stopped by, Rosana.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Hello cousin Peter.. didn't know u had a blog too. You should take a picture of your yard and post it here. more people would see it then those in the news paper.. I'm sure.
best wishes to your family.. and I agree.. you have very lovely, handsome children. Take care

Peter L said...

Hello, Adrienne. Yes, I have a blog, though I don't post often. You have a good idea in putting a pic of the yard, so I added two. One of the Daughter Ls loves to take pics of flowers, and the yard has plenty of peonies for her enjoyment.