Friday, August 28, 2009

Another year of school has begun

Here goes. Ready or not it is here. Last Monday, the bell rang at 8:10AM, and thus began another year of school. I get Freshman 7th hour this year- 21 of them, along with 8 other students. It is the first time I have 14 year olds in the afternoon for six years. So far so good. They are eager and cooperative. It must be the water. Of course, not the water at the school. The drinking fountain down the hall has rusty pipes, and for the first several days the water came out brown or yellow. Not very inviting.

It is strange starting the year two weeks before Labor Day. But then, we started about the same time this year, but Labor Day is later.

The school schedules early release days for the first week since it is usually too hot in our non-air-conditioned building. But the Lord had other plans this week. Thursday was the only "hot" day (85° and humid). The rest were low 80s, and today was 70! Now that we start our regular schedule on Monday, it will probably get too hot. But looking at the forecast, I guess I don't have to worry.

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