Friday, October 28, 2011

Post 101

I just realized that I have reached a “milestone”: I have 100 posts! To celebrate (which I should have done on my last post, since it was #100) here are not-quite 100 unrelated thoughts.

  1. Since baseball is not a timed game, why is it called a “time out” when the coach wants to talk to the pitcher?
  2. When the “occupy” protesters are done complaining about not having a job, will they refuse to clean up the mess they are making in various city parks, even if they are offered an hourly wage to do so?
  3. And why are they protesting at Wall Street, when it is all the corporations represented on Wall Street that provide jobs?  Perhaps they should go to Washington and tell the Congress and President to remove hindrances to jobs, like over-regulation and high corporate taxes.
  4. Why does the President think he needs to go give a speech to promote his economic recovery plan, when doing so costs millions of taxpayer dollars? A word to the press: point out to him that he could cut his own budget by those millions by staying in the White House and speaking from there. 
  5. Why do so many people complain about colder weather in the fall, when they were looking forward to it in August?
  6. And why do these same people blame the TV weather person for weather the latter cannot control?
  7. And why does the TV weather person take credit for good weather?
  8. Also, why do TV weather personalities act like nannies?  They tell us, “Put on your coat since it is cold.” Or, “Grab your umbrella, it’s going to rain today.” We can decide for ourselves.
  9. Has anyone missed the NBA, since it is not playing ball this season because of a lockout?  I didn’t either.
  10. Is it hockey season too?  Hmm, baseball ending, hockey starting, football half-way through. It must be October.
Okay, so I only could muster 1/10 of 100 thoughts. But hey, Game 7 is on now.

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