Monday, April 2, 2012

Lilacs, butterflies and the Resurrection

This may look like just any lilac bush, but it has an interesting story. It used to be three times as tall, but a few years ago we had a late frost that killed the bush.  When I finally got around to cutting it down, some new growth had appeared. So I trimmed down the dead branches and left the new growth. Now, after three years, it is blooming again.

Yesterday, when I was outside taking care of the dog, there just happened to be a butterfly on the bush, so I snapped this picture on my cell phone.

Ironically, this is the season we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.  Both the lilac and the butterfly can be symbols of the most important event in history.  Just as the bush was dormant for 3 years, so the Lord was in the grave for 3 days.  Just as the caterpillar dies and becomes a beautiful butterfly, so Jesus conquered death and rose again to new life.

And we too can have new life in Christ by repenting and believing in Him.

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