Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politics asside

Here a few non political thoughts.

  • Why was Sandy called a “Super Storm” since it was only a category 1 hurricane. Is it because it was 1,000 miles across instead or 2 or 3 hundred?
  • And why do the big three networks have to spend entire newscasts on one storm for a whole week? Aren’t there other newsworthy stories in the world, more important than interviewing all the victims? Yes, the storm is of national significance, but the sorrowful  stories are more local, aren’t they?
  • Why it that people who don’t want to work drive like maniacs to get there on time? Why not leave a few minutes earlier and relax, rather than stressing out the other drivers (me) on the road by tailgating and cutting in between a inches to spare while going 10 mph over the limit?
  • Why do advertisements for furniture stores have to have the announcer yelling at us? Do they think were deaf? Don’t they know that some of us change the channel or turn down the volume so we can’t hear them anyway?
  • Since no one uses the old 5.25 and 3.5 inch floppy disks anymore, why not make computer flash drives the A or B drive, instead E, F or G?

Well, enough for now.  Let’s hope the Chinese let us keep our blogs when they take us over so we can continue with such important questions as these.

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