Saturday, November 17, 2007

My humor

A member of my family wants you to know that I had a joke and riddle book back in my childhood, and annoyed everybody (especially 3rd person singular direct object pronoun of non-specified gender) by memorizing it and quoting it often. Well, just so you know, I have forgotten most of the jokes (aforementioned relative sighs with relief). But so you are aware what type of humor I like best, and the kind that drives my students crazy (payback, they drive me crazy), here is a sample from one of my favorite comic strips, Frank and Ernest. Since I cannot legally post the actual comic here, I am giving you the link to today’s version*:

Anyway, what I find interesting is that this particular relative is one who also enjoys the type of humor in Frank and Ernest.

*If for some reason you cannot read the comic, it shows two men at the camel exhibit at the zoo. One says, “I read about a place that produces camel’s milk.” The other replies, “It must be a dromedairy.”


Anonymous said...

While I might enjoy reading the Frank and Ernest comic strip, I wouldn't want to have to live in the same house with them, or be stuck in a car going from Tucson to New York with them. It would get old...rather quickly. =)

3rd person aforementioned female relative.

Peter L said...

While I would normally reject an anonymous comment, this person who made the above comment is not anonymous to me (or to herself).