Saturday, September 27, 2008

“Debates”: More of the same

So, I watched (and slept) through the presidential “debate” last night. Ho-hum. No wonder my fatigue took over. All I saw were two candidates repeating what they say on the stump. I really do not think either came out the winner, though Sen. Obama sounded better (even though he didn’t have much new to say). The moderator, Jim Lehrer, had a hard time getting them to answer the questions asked. Why do we still bother with these dog and pony shows, anyway? Are any undecided voters swayed by these, other than deciding for the guy they feel looks better on TV? Both candidates last night ignored the question about what they would cut from their plans in order to pay for the $700 billion bank bail out. At least John McCain finally offered up a spending freeze. Later, watching the talking heads discussing the show, mentioned that certain parts of the federal budget are set, and cannot be cut, leaving a small percentage that can be cut (called discretionary spending).

So, what did any of you think about the debate? Was there a clear winner? Does it really matter at this point?

(I respect Jim Lehrer, by the way, as a good journalist who keeps his opinions to himself, unlike many other so-called “objective” journalists.)

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