Friday, October 10, 2008

What a week!

Whew! Another day of this week and we will all go crazy.

The economic crisis did not get fixed with the Congressional taxpayer ripoff. Wall Street seems to be getting lower and lower, and Washington seems to get more and more generous with our tax money. Our great grandchildren will be serving the Chinese government before it is all over. I believe that whoever is elected next month will not get a second term, as the economy is probably going to collapse out from under him, and he will leave office in disgrace in 2013, sort of like Herbert Hoover 80 years ago. For that reason only I am thinking a Barack Obama victory will be good.

Along those lines, I am tired of this election year. Each side gets nastier as the days go by. Each side blames the other for the economic collapse, when really, both sides are to blame. Even after November 4th, we will have to put up with campaigning, as those wanting to run in 2012 will begin to make announcements on the 5th (or at least by Thanksgiving). Oy vey!

On the good news front, my daughter announced her engagement to a fine young man Monday. We are all happy for her. Now, do I go buy a suit at the clothing store that is going out of business, or do I wait to see if she wants me to rent a monkey suit. Perhaps I’ll get a suit either way, as that is something I can use for other occasions (like the other three children’s weddings).

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Rosana said...

No monkey suit required. :)