Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lawn woes

Last week my mower died. It took several trips to various mower stores, but I finally found a push-type lawn mower I can afford. Man, those things cost a lot. My mechanic told me to get a John Deere because they have a Kawasaki overhead valve engine, but all the ones I saw had regular old Briggs & Stratton side valves, and cost $100 more than other brands. I even had a JD salesman tell me they did not reorder the J series because they had too many returned last year. So I got a hardly used Lawn Boy. It even has an oil pump. I need that because I mow an embankment. Now I know why mowers did not last long for me, because when I mow the embankment, only one of the cylinders was getting any oil! Now, off to do the job before the next rainfall.

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