Monday, June 1, 2009

Something fun!

Over at World Magazine Blog, several of us have been keeping a fun thread alive for over six months. But alas and alack, it died last night because no one added another word for two days. It is a game of Cyber Scrabble with these rules:

* We’ll start off with the word “Pray.”
* The first player should change one letter of “Pray” and post it in the comment section.
* Subsequent players should work off the last word published in the comment section.
* You can’t add letters.
* You can’t use foreign (or foul!) languages.
* You can only change one letter.
* You can’t repeat a word already used.

I know the list of 2129 words below contains some not allowed in the board game, but they are all according to the rules. If you wish to play along, go for it! I am going to add one word each day until I run out of usable words. In order not to repeat, use the "find" function of your browser (usually under the "Edit" on the menu bar). Or, copy and paste the list into Word or another word processor with a "find" function. If you are stumped for words, do what I do. I go to

Let's have fun!

pray, play, plan, clan, clap, flap, flip, flit, flat, blat, beat, seat, seal, peal, pear, peat, meat, heat, hear, dear, deer, doer, dyer, dyes, dyed, died, dies, pies, hies, hits, fits, bits, zits, pits, pots, pats, path, bath, math, moth, mote, mite, site, sire, hire, mire, mere, more, fore, fort, tort, sort, sore, bore, bork, born, torn, morn, corn, horn, worn, wort, wore, lore, lyre, pyre, tyre, tyro, pyro, piro, lure, cure, core, cord, curd, card, bard, bird, bind, wind, wins, wink, wine, line, lone, pone, pong, pond, pony, puny, punt, runt, hunt, hint, hind, rind, kind, mind, mild, mile, mill, till, tilt, silt, silk, sill, will, wilt, welt, weld, meld, melt, molt, dolt, jolt, jilt, hilt, halt, malt, salt, sale, sole, sold, bold, told, gold, good, food, wood, mood, mold, hold, cold, cola, coda, code, cope, cape, care, pare, pane, wane, cane, café, cake, cade, made, wade, wale, male, pale, pace, race, rate, fate, face, fact, tact, pact, part, past, fast, last, list, mist, most, must, bust, bunt, bent, cent, lent, vent, went, wend, send, sent, tent, gent, pent, dent, dint, dirt, dart, cart, curt, hurt, hurl, burl, burn, burd, barm, bark, back, lack, lark, lurk, turk, tusk, rusk, risk, rise, rice, nice, mice, nite, note, rite, rote, robe, rube, cube, cute, lute, late, date, mate, maze, haze, hate, hare, harm, hard, herd, head, heap, reap, real, read, lead, bead, dead, fear, feat, neat, next, nest, best, west, test, jest, just, mush, hush, hash, gash, gush, push, bush, bash, cash, lash, lush, rush, ruse, rude, ride, hide, bide, side, tide, time, dime, mime, lime, like, link, sink, pink, pine, fine, find, fink, fins, pins, sins, sing, ring, rink, tink, tine, mine, mile, mule, mull, bull, full, fill, fall, tall, gall, ball, hall, haul, hail, jail, bail, wail, tail, fail, foil, fool, foot, hoot, toot, moot, boot, soot, root, coot, coon, loon, moon, moor, door, dour, four, foul, fowl, foal, coal, coat, goat, boat, boar, bear, gear, tear, tsar, csar, char, chap, chip, chit, chic, chin, shin, thin, than, that, what, chat, chad, chap, phat, prat, plat, plot, slot, slog, slug, smug, smog, shog, shot, spot, spat, spit, spin, span, spun, shun, shan, scar, scam, scat, scut, scug, snug, snag, snap, swap, swab, stab, star, soar, sour, soup, soul, soil, toil, roil, roll, toll, moll, tool, cool, pool, poll, boll, bowl, rows, cows, sows, sews, news, pews, hews, haws, hags, hams, hats, cats, bats, rats, mats, vats, vets, nets, bets, gets, lets, sets, pets, wets, wits, with, kith, kite, bite, bike, pike, pile, file, rile, bile, bole, mole, role, pole, poke, joke, loke, roke, rose, tote, cote, note, nose, lose, dose, pose, pope, rope, nope, hope, hole, hale, gale, bale, bake, hake, take, tace, mace, dace, lace, lice, tice, tike, hike, mike, nike, dike, dine, done, dome, dote, dope, dupe, dude, duke, dune, tune, tule, tale, talk, walk, wall, mall, mail, maid, said, paid, raid, rail, nail, sail, pail, pain, rain, main, gain, gawn, lawn, pawn, dawn, darn, dark, hark, mark, mare, make, sake, rake, fake, fare, dare, dame, fame, fume, fuse, muse, mute, mure, murk, musk, dusk, desk, deck, neck, nick, pick, pack, tack, sack, suck, sick, lick, luck, huck, tuck, buck, duck, dock, mock, monk, mink, minx, mint, lint, lino, dino, dink, ding, dong, long, gong, gone, hone, none, nine, kine, king, ping, wing, ling, lung, rung, sung, song, tong, tone, cone, come, home, hose, host, lost, cost, colt, bolt, belt, felt, pelt, pert, cert, cere, were, here, sere, Serb, herb, hero, herm, berm, beam, bean, wean, lean, leap, leak, peak, peas, pens, hens, lens, dens, deny, defy, deft, daft, raft, rapt, rant, pant, can’t, cast, cask, mask, task, bask, bank, tank, rank, sank, sunk, dunk, punk, puns, pang, yang, ying, zing, bing, bine, zine, zone, bone, bote, vote, vite, vise, vine, vane, vale, dale, kale, rale, rule, rune, runs, guns, suns, sums, bums, rums, rams, cams, dams, damp, ramp, camp, lamp, lamb, lame, same, tame, tams, tabs, cabs, cubs, hubs, rubs, rugs, bugs, hugs, hogs, dogs, pogs, pigs, figs, rigs, digs, gigs, wigs, jigs, jugs, mugs, tugs, pugs, pubs, pups, sups, sops, sots, tops, tots, mops, maps, caps, saps, naps, daps, taps, raps, laps, yaps, gaps, gape, gaze, raze, rage, rags, zags, bags, tags, tans, tang, dang, sang, fang, fans, fads, bads, bids, bins, buns, bunk, lunk, tunk, tonk, bonk, honk, hunk, hulk, sulk, bulk, balk, balm, calm, palm, pals, gals, gads, cads, dads, duds, buds, suds, subs, tubs, tuba, tube, tobe, tope, tore, gore, pore, port, mort, moat, doat, dost, post, wost, wast, wasp, gasp, rasp, rash, dash, mash, mast, hast, bast, vast, vest, rest, pest, lest, fest, fent, rent, reit, rein, reim, ream, team, teal, teat, teak, teas, seas, seam, slam, sham, shag, stag, swag, sway, swat, swan, swam, spam, spay, spar, slar, sear, rear, roar, road, load, toad, goad, goal, soal, soap, slap, slip, slop, stop, stob, stub, stun, stud, spud, scud, scum, slum, glum, glue, blue, clue, slue, flue, flub, flab, blab, blub, blob, slob, slub, club, chub, chug, chum, crum, cham, cram, gram, grim, grip, trip, trim, tram, trap, tray, fray, gray, grey, trey, prey, drey, dreg, drag, draw, craw, crew, crow, grow, brow, brew, blew, blow, slow, slew, stew, step, stem, seem, seed, seep, keep, peep, peel, reel, feel, feed, heed, heel, keel, keen, been, beet, beep, deep, jeep, veep, veer, seer, beer, bier, tier, pier, pien, lien, linn, lion, pion, poon, noon, nook, look, kook, cook, book, boon, soon, goon, gown, down, town, mown, mows, tows, toys, boys, buys, guys, goys, joys, jays, pays, cays, days, bays, rays, lays, says, saws, paws, jaws, jabs, jobs, joes, foes, roes, toes, ties, lies, lips, hips, sips, tips, tins, tint, tift, sift, soft, loft, loot, loop, coop, poop, hoop, hood, hoed, coed, toed, teed, deed, weed, reed, peed, pend, lend, tend, bend, fend, rend, mend, mead, mean, meal, veal, deal, dean, dern, tern, pern, porn, pork, fork, dork, cork, work, word, worm, warm, ward, wars, warn, barn, tarn, yarn, yard, lard, lord, lorn, loan, loam, roam, foam, form, norm, dorm, doom, room, boom, loom, zoom, coom, coos, boos, boas, bogs, bods, bode, rode, node, nude, nuke, puke, pure, sure, dure, dire, fire, wire, tire, tare, tape, type, tope, lope, lobe, lobs, logs, loge, doge, dove, love, live, hive, hove, move, wove, wave, have, pave, save, sane, safe, sage, sate, gate, gave, game, came, cave, case, cage, page, mage, mane, mase, mise, miss, moss, boss, toss, loss, less, fess, fest, fist, gist, hist, hiss, kiss, kips, dips, dins, dons, sons, sobs, gobs, mobs, toms, tomb, comb, bomb, boob, boor, poor, pour, pout, tout, tour, hour, hoar, hoer, hoes, goes, does, dots, cots, rots, robs, bobs, bibs, dibs, ribs, fibs, libs, jibs, nibs, nips, rips, rims, rime, rife, life, wife, wipe, ripe, pipe, kipe, lipe, sipe, sine, cine, cite, cate, pate, bate, base, babe, bade, fade, jade, hade, lade, lode, mode, mope, moue, roué, rout, bout, lout, loud, laud, baud, bald, band, bond, fond, fund, funk, sunk, gunk, junk, June, jube, lube, luge, lugs, lags, legs, kegs, begs, beds, bees, sees, seek, seen, teen, tees, tens, Bens, Kens, Kent, Keno, kino, kink, Kirk, kick, tick, tics, Tims, aims, dims, doms, moms, mome, some, soma, sofa, soda, coda, coma, loma, lima, limb, limp, gimp, wimp, wamp, warp, carp, harp, tarp, taro, tars, tart, mart, hart, wart, want, wand, land, lane, lake, wake, ware, rare, rave, lave, lava, lama, rama, raga, riga, ruga, yuga, yoga, toga, togs, tobs, toby, Tory, dory, gory, Cory, lory, Lori, loci, lock, cock, rock, hock, pock, puck, muck, yuck, ruck, rusk, busk, husk, cusk, cusp, cush, cuss, fuss, buss, bass, bars, cars, carb, garb, barb, barf, bare, Bari, Bali, Mali, Magi, mags, sags, wags, nags, nabs, Labs, lats, eats, ears, Mars, oars, oats, gats, gabs, dabs, dais, daws, laws, lows, bows, vows, pows, wows, woes, woks, woke, coke, cove, rove, jove, Rome, Nome, name, nape, rape, Raye, rabe, rase, lase, ease, east, oast, oust, rust, lust, gust, dust, duct, duet, duel, fuel, furl, curl, curb, curs, furs, firs, firm, farm, marm, marl, maul, waul, gaul, guar, gaud, gaum, geum, germ, perm, peri, perk, park, pard, para, parr, pars, jars, jams, gams, gums, guts, juts, puts, ruts, nuts, buts, butt, putt, putz, lutz, futz, fuzz, fuze, faze, daze, doze, dole, doll, dell, fell, well, tell, sell, self, delf, dels, gels, delf, geld, gild, gilt, lilt, lift, gift, girt, airt, airs, sirs, sits, nits, kits, kids, lids, Lido, Fido, fids, feds, fees, pees, peer, weer, week, meek, leek, peek, reek, geek, beek, beck, bock, sock, nock, yock, jock, jook, took, rook, hook, hoof, goof, roof, loof, loaf, leaf, deaf, neaf, near, wear, weak, weal, heal, hell, hill, yill, yell, bell, bill, pill, dill, gill, rill, kill, kiln, Kirn, kern, karn, earn, Earl, carl, cark, nark, nary, Navy, nave, neve, nene, gene, gens, fens, yens, mens, mess, mass, pass, pads, lads, lass, sass, tass, tase, vase, vasa, visa, vita, pita, pika, puka, puma, duma, dumb, dump, pump, hump, bump, lump, rump, rums, hums, huts, cuts, cues, sues, dues, hues, rues, ryes, ayes, eyes, eyed, eked, ekes, ukes, Utes, uses, used, user, Umer, omer, oner, over, aver, Acer, aces, Ares, ages, ales, Alps, alms, elms, elds, ends, ands, ants, arts, aits, acts, alts, alto, alas, Alan, Klan, flan, flag, flog, blog, clog, Clow, glow, glop, plop, plow, flow, flaw, slaw, slab, slay, flay, flam, flak, flax, flex, flea, flee, glee, gled, sled, fled, flew, fley, Frey, fret, free, tree, Cree, bree, Brie, brim, brig, grig, grit, brit, bris, bras, brat, bran, brag, bray, brad, bred, bled, blet, blot, clot, clod, clad, clay, cloy, clop, clou, chou, chop, chow, show, snow, stow, scow, scop, Scot, swot, swob, swab, scab, scad, shad, shod, shop, shoe, shoo, shmo, sumo, sump, gump, gamp, samp, simp, sims, jims, mims, mums, tums, tuts, tits, tats, tads, Taos, Laos, naos, nays, ways, wads, weds, Reds, Keds, zeds, meds, megs, pegs, regs, refs, rifs, rins, vins, hins, huns, duns, nuns, nubs, bubs, burs, ours, outs, orts, orbs, arbs, albs, alls, ally, illy, ills, ells, Elks, Elko, Esks, asks, arks, arms, arcs, arfs, ares, awes, axes, Abes, Abel, abet, abed, aged, aced, acid, arid, grid, grin, gein, vein, vain, lain, loin, join, coin, coil, boil, moil, noil, noir, coir, coit, Voit, Toit, twit, twig, twin, tain, fain, fair, pair, lair, laid, laic, lais, lams, yams, yaws, caws, cans, cons, cobs, cogs, cods, cops, bops, bors, bots, mots, lots, jots, jogs, jags, gags, dags, fags, fogs, fogy, dogy, dozy, doxy, dopy, copy, copt, COFT, toft, tuft, tuff, buff, huff, puff, duff, guff, puff, muff, miff, tiff, biff, jiff, riff, rifs, rids, aids, ails, awls, owls, owns, owes, ores, ones, odes, odea, idea, Ikea, ilea, plea, plew, pled, plod, prod, prom, prop, crop, drop, trop, trow, prow, frow, frog, grog, grot, GRAT, grit, gait, wait, whit, whet, when, whew, chew, chaw, Chas, chis, this, thus, thud, thug, trug, true, grue, grub, grum, gaum, GAUS, gars, gays, geys, keys, leys, leds, peds, teds, tews, Jews, mews, dews, dewy, demy, demo, memo, meme, deme, heme, hemp, hems, gems, rems, reps, ceps, cups, tups, tupi, tipi, Topi, tori, tors, mors, mods, muds, cuds, cuda, Cuba, Suda, Sura, surf, turf, turn, curn, carn, Cain, Caen, Haen, taen, Jaen, Jael, jarl, farl, fard, nard, nerd, need, meed, meet, feet, deet, deem, derm, dere, fere, fern, hern, hers, herp, Hera, Bera, Bert, Bern, berg, burg, burp, burr, bury, fury, jury, Jura, Bura, bora, bort, bott, both, doth, loth, lota, rota, rotl, roti, Roth, ruth, rath, Gath, Goth, SOTH, Seth, meth, Mets, muts, muss, muns, mans, Mays, maya, mayo, kayo, Karo, Faro, Fars, fats, nats, SATS, SANS, bans, bams, Sams, Pams, paps, pans, pons, mons, eons, tons, ions, inns, inks, irks, ires, ides, ices, iced, Icee, inee, knee, knew, know, knob, knot, knit, snit, slit, skit, skim, swim, slim, shim, ship, whip, whim, whom, whop, whap, wrap, crap, crab, drab, dram, drat, frat, fiat, fiar, liar, Lear, year, yeas, yean, yead, yeld, held, helm, help, yelp, yelk, Belk, bels, eels, eens, wens, wans, vans, vang, hang, gang, dang, rang, bang, lang, lans, Hans, haps, hops, hobs, nobs, fobs, foss, doss, docs, dors, Dora, Mora, Cora, fora, forb, ford, fold, folk, polk, yolk, yold, wold, wolf, golf, rolf, roff, doff, daff, gaff, guff, goff, coff, coif, coof, poof, woof, wool, mool, Kool, Lohl, koel, Joel, noel, noll, Nell, cell, call, cull, cult, celt, delt, gelt, geat, gean, pean, Kean, keas, leas, yeas, leal, geal, feal, zeal, Beal, baal, baul, Raul, Paul, pall, paly, poly, holy, holt, holm, holp, halp, hasp, hase, hame, mame, mama, mara, Mary, miry, wiry, wary, Gary, Cary, carf, zarf, Zara, Zada, nada, dada, dado, dato, NATO, Nate, Tate, Kate, yate, Yale, nale, Nile, wile, tile, vile, vice, dice, dece, duce, puce, pule, pull, pulp, gulp, gull, dull, lull, loll, lall, lill, sall, sull, wull, woll, woul, joul, jowl, cowl, coll, cole, tole, toke, hoke

Oh, and if you want to see the original thread, complete with comments about what some of the obscure words mean, click here.

ADDENDUM: June 9- I've been busy, so have not gotten to this. New word: JOWL.
Since tomorrow I leave for a short vacation, here are a few more words: COWL, COLL (to embrace), COLE (besides a name, it is a kind of mustard), TOLE, TOKE, HOKE

Current count: 2143.


Steve said...

Hi, Peter. I had posted SALL in Saturday's Rants and Raves comments on Sunday night, which could have kept the thread going, but I had decided I personally wasn't going to keep on going in CyberScrabble.

Thanks for keeping this alive, and good luck!

Peter L said...

I did not see your post, Steve. Sorry! Okay, I'll scratch my lill, and use your word for now. Then I add SULL, an obslolete word for plow.

Max said...

Rio (me) has arrived to investigate this new development.
Here's a word for all that WULL.
I think it's archaic. Oh well.
You've already used so many words...

Mark Roth said...

Don't sully your SOUL.

Peter L said...

Thanks, Rio (Max)!

Sorry Mark. Rio beat you to it, and soul would not have fit as it changes two letters from sull.

Today's addition: I WOLL use another variation of Rio's archaic word, both of which mean will as a verb.

Peter L said...

For anyone following this, I added a few words. Look at the main post where I put them in an addendum.