Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm feeling older

Last week the phone rang. Mrs. L. picked it up. I overheard her say “Yes, he’s here. Do you want me to get him on?”

I pick up the extension. Oldest Daughter (D1) is on the line. “So, Mr. D1 and I were discussing what to get you and Mom for Christmas and wanted to see if you would like it.” (Or something along those lines.) Must be something big, I think to myself, since they are talking about it seven months ahead of time. “So what is it?” I ask.

Her answer: “How about a grandchild?”

I was surprised. I mean, at her wedding a couple of months ago I had said that I was looking forward to grandchildren, but not so soon! Playing along, I asked “A grandchild? Where are you going to get one of those?”

It was only a little bit before D2 was on the third extension, having overheard my response. She was more than excited. I guess I am too. I’m just feeling a little older, now that my first grandchild is due to be born before the year is over.


DJ said...

Congradulations! Sounds exciting. I'll bet that having young ones around will make you feel younger. Having them around too that could make one feel older. ;-)

Mark Roth said...

Felicidades, mi amigo desconocido.

Recuerda que la vejez no es algo que temer sino algo que como veneno sino como Pepsi.

Enjoy your cane...and never mind the canas!

Peter L said...

DJ- Since D1 lives an hour-and-half away, too long apart may be the problem!

Mark-Muchas gracias. Me gustan los chiste. (Y he tenido canas por años.)