Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's the hurry?

I have to wonder why President Obama is in such a hurry to push through his legislative agenda. He said he would have a transparent administration, and let people have time to read every proposal before it becomes law. So far, that has not happened, has it. The "Stimulus" was written and passed within a few days, and it was so long not even the Congressmen read it before voting on it. Now he is trying to get the energy and health care bills passed before the August recess. Yet each one is hundreds of pages long, and will change our economy more than FDR did in his New Deal. Slow down, please!

I really think Obama wants all this done before the 2010 elections, because he knows the average American has a short attention span and will forget the damage the Democrats are doing and reelect them. He also knows that during the summer, a lot of people are not paying attention to the news, because rarely does anything of significance happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

I am glad that God is in control, as it appears the US as we have known it is no more. Time to learn Chinese!

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