Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts on the Olympics

Just a few ramblings related to the Winter Olympics:

  • It’s great to see so many Americans doing well.
  • It was saddening when the Georgian luger died in that accident.  I cannot imaging going 90mph on a small sled!
  • Can “dancing” on ice be considered a sporting event?
  • Can we ever watch the figure skaters (or other events) without the constant chatter of the announcers?  I want to choke Scott Hamill whenever he groans after a skater messes up.  Comment on the replay!
  • How many times does the announcer need to remind us that “only the first two go on”? It seems like the guy calling the snowboard and ski cross (race between four people at one time) felt like we needed to hear that at least twice every heat.
  • Why aren’t all the American competitors (except the figure skaters) wearing red, white and blue?  
  • What happened to patriotism?  Too many of the Americans either forgot or never learned how to salute the flag during the national anthem.
  • Seeing all that snow makes me cold.  But then, we are getting our heaviest snowfall of the year right now, so I don’t need to watch the Olympics to see a lot of snow!

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