Sunday, March 7, 2010

The weather outside is delightful...

It's March!  Another Spring is just around the corner.  It seems this winter has been longer than the previous winters.  I guess it is because we have had more snow than any time in the last 30 years, according to some locals.

Anyway, we are finally getting our January Thaw, though it is over a month late.  Wonderful global "warming", eh?  Oh, sorry.  It is "climate change" now.  The pseudo-scientists decided the earth was not warming like they thought, so now they changed the name.  And with all the snow this winter, they are trying to tell us the warmer atmosphere has more moisture in it than before, so we are getting so much more winter precipitation.  Yeah, right.  And the Ice Age ended because early humans discovered fire, which added carbon to the atmosphere and melted the ice.  (I made that last one up.)  Never mind all the carbon emitted whenever a volcano erupts.  Or all the methane from animals passing gas.  Or all the CO2 from all of us exhaling.  But aren't plants fed by carbon?  No problem, then.  Just keep emitting carbon and the planet will get greener.  And if it all warms up, then we can plan our tropical vacation in Alaska and the tundra will be the new bread basket.

Oh, nice to solve the world's problems.  You'll thank me later.  I guess I better get my acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize all written and memorized.  But what to do with the prize money?  Hmm.  I wonder if there is any beach front property for sale in Point Barrow.

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